Kalam Kit – 15 ml


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A Kalam kit of temporary ink in Jagua of Amazonia contains:

3 tubes of 5ml of certified Jagwa ink
1 applicator
2 stencil boards
With this kit you can make about twenty small tattoos and stencils!

Keep your gel in the freezer for a long life!

(Delivery in 2 working days € 4.99 for France)

Here are the steps to make a jagua tattoo:

clean the skin, (a small preliminary scrub helps to better tint the skin)
make a preliminary sketch or launch directly with the jagwa
let it dry between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the thickness (use a hair dryer with fresh air to go faster)
remove the gel dry with a plaster or with warm or lukewarm water.
You do not see anything? it’s normal ! the tattoo takes at least 12 hours before appearing, then progressively darkens for 24 hours
To keep your tattoo longer, avoid repeated rubbing, and before putting it under water you can use a fatty substance to waterproof your tattoo. It is not mandatory the jagua is water-proof!
Dab instead of scrubbing with your towel as you exit the shower.
Avoid chlorine pools! It makes the tattoo disappear much faster

If you want to make it disappear faster, do small scrubs or go to the pool!

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Dimensions13.5 × 8.5 × 3 cm


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