Get your skin inked….without the pain!
Our temporary Jagua-based tattoo kits contain everything you need to free your creativity! With Jagwa everything becomes possible!

On top of our certified cosmetic Jagua-based ink that allows you to create temporary painless tattoos, we also offer stencils made by renowned artists. You’ll find exclusive stencils and flashes in limited edition, with special offers by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Deliveries within 2 to 3 days
Jagwa fabriqué en france
Products made in France
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Because our Jagua fruits are picked before they’re riped, we get a better and fresher juice. Our gel/ink is then elaborated in France in a certified laboratory after going through several tests.
The Jagua based ink looks like a gel. The Jagwa gel is the only certified formula allowed by French authorities to be commercialized on the French market.
If you’re a professional, you can download our certification on the “Professionals” category under the “Info” section

Because we care about our impact on the planet, our ink is a 100% natural and is free of animal derived products and no tests have been carried on animals

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