An ephemeral art

-A fake tattoo that is real for 1 to 3 weeks-

Real because it isn’t paint or a transfer tattoo which have a much shorter lifespan. Even if it’s painless, a Jagwa tattoo penetrates the skin. The skin then literally changes color after the sap of the fruit has an effect on you.

Real because the rendering is much closer to a permanent tattoo: it doesn’t shine in the light like a transfer tattoo. And our applicators allow you to do fine and precise tattoos.

For the insiders, it’s possible to do “Dot Tatoos”, shadings and long straight lines!


rue because it is a traditional and ancient art, we do that rehabilitate forms.
Real because it’s a millenary and traditional art, we just re-adapt the shapes. For us any creative and artistic expression is possible within temporary tattoos.From graffiti artists to contemporary artists, tattoo artists, henna designers, calligraphers or street artists. Everything is possible with Jagwa!