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All you need to know about Jagua

– Essential questions about Jagua –

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Jagua, without daring to ask

How long does Jagwa tattoo lasts for?

Between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the part of the body, the skin’s pH, food and sport habits…. On the hands or wrist, temporary tattoos get darker and quicker, but their lifespan is shorter. The legs are parts of the body where tattoos tend to stay longer, as long as you take care of it and hydrate your skin, they can stay for up to 3 weeks, before disappearing!

Is there any allergy risks?

Our Jagwa gel is certified by French cosmetics authorities, but some risks exists like for any other products, but it’s extremely low:

  • If you’re allergic to fruits
  • If you’re allergic to essential oils

To avoid any problems if you have a sensitive skin or any known allergies, it is recommended to avoid high heats (too warm water when washing the tattoo or too hot air from the hairdryer when drying the tattoo…) as well as repeated rubbing on the tattoo area (bra underwiring, tight shirts).

We also recommend avoiding staying exposed to the sun for too long or using tanning products. It’s also advised limiting the shaves which can irritate the skin.

The face and neck being the parts of the body with the thinnest skin, always do a test before getting tattooed!

If any you have any doubts: do a preliminary test on a small skin area, then wait until the tattoo as completely disappeared after 1 to 3 weeks. If you don’t see any rashes, you can get a Jagwa tattoo without a problem!

Is it painful?

Needle free, Jagwa tattoos are absolutely painless. But mind the tickles

How can I get rid of the tattoo quicker?

The tattoo gradually fades evenly, without leaving a trace.

You can make it disappear quicker by doing an exfoliation, scrubbing it with your towel or by going to the pool (the chlorine makes go faster)

How can I keep it longer?

You need to take care of it! Do not itch or scrub, with a towel when coming out of the shower for instance. Cover your tattoo with coconut or avocado oil, with natural products before going in into the water or the shower. Also avoid exposing to the sun without a UV protection.

Does it leave a tan mark once it’s gone?

Yes, you will have the pattern in white if you’ve rely tanned! Wall call that a sun tattoo.

Can I re-tattoo a tattoo that’s fading?

It’s possible, but it’s better to run a test on a small part first to make sure the skin isn’t too sensitive.

That way, some Jagwers keep their tattoos for more than a month.

Careful to not exaggerate though, keeping a tattoo for over a year isn’t a good idea: you need to leave your skin breath and regenerate once in a while!

Good to know: the lifespan of the tattoo will be shorter if you recover a tattoo that’s still visible.

How long can I keep my JAGWA Gel?

The gel and juice can be kept between 6 months and 1 year in a freezer away from light.

Between 1 and 2 months in a fridge, between 10 and 15 days in a dry and cool atmosphere.

Can I de-freeze and re-freeze Jagwa gel?

You can de-freeze and re-freeze Jagwa gel about half a dozen time, but it gradually crates crystals and the gel becomes less and less efficient.

It is advised to put big quantities in different applicators before freezing.

How to do I know if the Jagwa is still good to be used?

By looking at the color: fresh Jagwa is translucent blue, turns grey (it’s still usable) then brown to purple. In both cases it’s expired but not dangerous, just inefficient.

How long does it take to get delivered?

The delivery takes between 2 and 5 working days, via Colissimo for France and other Transporters in the rest of the world (Fedex, TNT, DHL, UP…)

Our products must stay fresh, we send your orders only from Monday to Thursday, to avoid your Jagwa staying in warehouses which are rarely refrigerated.

Our products can be kept between 10 and 15 days at medium ambient temperature. The more Jagwa in the tube (i.e. 200ml or 1 liter), the better it stays preserved!

Can Jagwa be mixed with Henna powder?

Yes ! It’s called Hengua or Hennagua. It allows to create different tints (up to a very dark tint on feet and hands) and reduces the processing time of Henna. Jagwa is like an enhancer for Henna, much more efficient than black tea, and much more natural than PPD 😉

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes we can deliver wherever you are, provided that our products is authorized by customs in your country