– Jauga : A Tropical Fruit –

The Amerindians (the first people) call it Jagua or Genipa.

Jagua: Un fruit tropical d'Amazonie

The tropical Jagua or Genipa is a fruit, but it’s not a usual fruit.

The Jagua is edible, but the Amerindians from the tropical forests have another use to it: tattooing bodies.

This tropical fruit is part of the Amerindians legends

Sometimes it’s thrown into the river to make a anaconda woman appear, sometimes it’s part of the myth of the creation of the world.

In every day’s life, Amerindians use it as an body ornament. The tattoos stay a few days up to a few weeks on the skin, depending the the fruits freshness. Men, women, and children, everybody gets tattooed with Genipa!

All the fruits we select come from the rainforest of Panama and are freshly picked from the tree.