Bottle 100 ml of Jagwa Gel


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A bottle of 100 ml of JAGWA gel that allows to make between 50 and 200 temporary tattoos.

Ideal for Jagwers with experience or for professionnal users, it comes with 1 applicators with a 0.3mm metal tip 

The JAGWA gel is a cosmetic ink with Genipa fruit extacts, the gel allows to apply easily and directly the Jagua to make beautifull and realistic temporary tattoos.

No preparation or cooking to do, the gel is ready to use !

Our Jagua based cosmetic gel is made in France and is in compliance with the French and European laws.

If you are a professionnal you can just create an account to get a 25% discount on bottles of gel.

Weight 0,125 kg
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 cm